Author Topic: WTS: Audiolab Tuner 8000T; Legendary tuner . Immaculate condition.  (Read 2623 times)


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Audiolab Tuner 8000T in immaculate condition.
One of the best Tuners around.                       Its a legend!

Review :
" This is the Best tuner I have owned. It pulls in distant stations effortlessly. The sound is very CD like which is hard to imagine until you listen to an Audiolab 8000T. The sound is warm and smooth, great musical reproduction. This really is a great classic piece of equipment. Buy one if you can find one. The controls are easy to work with, the build quality is nice (I have not had any problems). The electrical components used in construction (internals) are top notch. There are supposedly very few tuners that sound better than this one, but they are all vintage tuners and I wanted the convenience of pre-sets and prefer the look and ergonomics of this era of electronics. It is all that they say it is on the tuner reviews at and maybe even a little better. Good luck finding one, I was lucky enough to get mine like new in its original container. Well taken care of. There are only a couple of tuners available new today that match the sonic capability of the Audiolab 8000T, but they cost in the 2-3K range (Sequerra etc..). If you can find one of these, they usually sell right under $1k, so it is quite a bargain. Another keeper for my main listening system - I like it when I find keepers for my all-day system. The others end up in other rooms in my house in different systems. Bottom Line, if you can Find it-Buy It. You will enjoy it  "