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HifiCafe.SG Rules
« on: July 25, 2016, 09:36:08 PM »
HifiCafe.SG is dedicate to hifi enthusiast that aim for achieve music nirvana via their HiFi audio equipment. This is a place, both online and offline (HifiCafe.SG) where hobbyists can mingle and share honest opinions and knowledge that we envision in the near future.

Some General Rules for hifi forum singapore
1.   No Insulting, flaming, trolling or intimidating behaviour.
2.   No Vulgarity and offensive language.
3.   No Posting of pornography/ violent material and link to their web site.
4.   No discussions of politics, ethnicity, religion, or other divisive issue.
5.   No Posting in Capital letters.
6.   No multiple posts into several forums, duplicate posts will be deleted.
7.   Moderators/Administrators reserve rights to edit, move or delete posts as appropriate to ensure forum proper function.
8.   Moderators/Administrators reserve the right to make amendment to these rules at any time as required.

Marketplace Sale Rules for hifi forum
1.   State your buy or sell item clearly in the subject heading. Eq WTS: Marantz SA11 cdp, leave contact number, price and condition in the content page.
2.   No multiple sale posts into several forums.
3.   It is the responsibility of buyer and seller to resolve any forms of disputes pertaining to their sales transactions as Hificafe.SG will not be hold responsibility for such dispute.
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