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Hi all,

I am providing a special material from Germany which is made from a special nanotechnology to enhance current flow.
With the right amount installed on the optimal spot of your cables, the material is able to bring out the best clarity for your speakers in terms of Bass Depth, Mid & Treble.
This material comes with Lifetime Warranty (Does not cover physical damage).
Installation is safe as material will be pasted on your cables.

I am providing door-to-door installation of this special material for speaker cables.

My charges are as follows:

Installation will be done on 1 Red and 1 Black cable for each side.
Installation can also be done for subwoofer.
Each side is charged at $200 (1 red and 1 black)

I am providing demo services by installing for you to hear the difference first.
If you like what you hear, you can go ahead with the purchase.
If it is not to your liking, we can uninstall and make friends  :)

I can be reached at 91810186 via WhatsApp.
Please kindly state how many wires you are using so that I can prepare the material for the demo.

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