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wilsonzxj 6sn7 vt231 6h8c 5692 cv1988 tube(new)
« on: October 12, 2017, 04:41:25 PM »
rca vt231 6sn7gt grey glass U.S joint army navy 1940's strong pair--$120
test result--102/100, 103/105
"As far as lushness goes the 1940's RCA grey glass is the one to go for. This one has very strong bass, but an incredible rich midrange.

rare rft 6sn7 ceramic mica special constriction strong pair--$160
test results--92/93, 93/94
these tubes product very transparent sound. rare and hard to passby.

Brimar cv1988 6sn7gty 6sn7 Great Britain military new old stock(nos) new in box(nib) strong pair --$350
test results--94/96, 92/98
Brimars are very sweet, lush sounding tubes. [