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Cardas Quadlink 5C Speaker Cable with spade termination
Original packing with authenticity. From local dealer
Length of 2.5m at SOLD

Items are in pristine condition.
Interested please SMS or Whatsapp to 9-688-1241 for deal

HiFi Audio Equipment Sale forum / FS: Clearaudio Phono Stage - SOLD
« on: November 10, 2017, 07:55:45 AM »
Clearaudio Basic Phono Stage in prestine condition.

Flexibility of moving magnet or moving coil switching
A plug in and play product automatically adjusts the input impedance matching.
This ensures every cartridge is correctly loaded.
It's external power supply also keeps unwanted noise away from the sensitive circuits

Letting go at SOLD
Please sms or whatsapp to 96881241 for deal.

Thank you.

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