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HiFi Audio DIY / Really cheap, fun and excellent sound !!
« on: October 13, 2017, 01:03:15 PM »
I have been diying for many years and want to share my latest set up.
My speaker is markaudio 12 p in superpensil box. 92 db 6inches full range. Cost about RM 2000 in total
Amplifier is tda 7297 chip  amp with a LT 1085 regulated smps power supply . cost about ringgit 100 .
Source is tda1541 with lampizator 6n2p tube output stage  --about RM 500.
I use an old atom processor fan less pc running on lubuntu.
My room is about 200 sq feet.
Well how is sound?
It is lively ,3 dimensional, plays well with vocal , rock and orchestra . piano sound very realistic and life like !!
It is suitable for beginners like myself and no high voltage to harm you.
I hope more diyers can join the hobby.
If there is any interest i can post some pictures

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